Interview with the US Campaign to End Anti-Semitism

As many of you already know, Alison Weir (no relation, and she pronounces her name WEER while mine is pronounced WAH-YER) and her organization, If Americans Knew (IAK), have been expelled from the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation (USCEIO). I decided to get to the bottom of this important development, so I got in touch with Rube Joshner at the USCEIO, who agreed to be interviewed on condition of anonymity.

Barb Weir: For our readers who may not know, could you please explain why the USCEIO expelled IAK and Alison Weir from your organization?

Rube Joshner: Alison Weir violated our most sacred principle against racism, which is at the foundation of all our work.

BW: My goodness! Is she a closet Zionist? Does she advocate an exclusivist Jewish state. Does she support the ethnic cleansing of non-Jews from Palestine or defend the theft of Arab land?

RJ: I’m not sure what you mean by Zionist. I’m not familiar with the term, but as for the rest, no, just the opposite. She violated our anti-Semitism clause.

BW: She’s an anti-Semite?

RJ: Not exactly, but she’s been seen with anti-Semites and she failed to denounce them to their face. We require all of our members to do everything possible to expose and denounce anti-Semites whenever possible, and especially to their face.

BW: I thought that was the job of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

RJ: The ADL is too busy defending Israel to fight anti-Semitism. Our organization criticizes Israel, which gives us a much better platform to fight anti-Semitism. In fact, we believe that the best way to defend Israel is to more-or-less liberate a significant part of 18% of Palestine and let Palestinians live there, as long as they are demilitarized and cannot defend themselves.

BW: I thought you were concerned with defending Palestinians.

RJ: We think that the best way to defend Palestinians is to fight anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is the cause of all the Palestinians’ problems.

BW: So you’re not opposed to Zionism?

RJ: There you go with that word again. What do you mean?

BW: I’m talking about the project to create a Jewish state where none previously existed. You’re not opposed to a state that prefers Jews?

RJ: Where did you get that idea?

BW: I thought you had a policy against racism. Isn’t a Jewish state a racist idea?

RJ: We support the principle of separate but equal, and you won’t find anything against a Jewish state in our policy on racism. That would be anti-Semitic.

BW: Are you planning to expel all the groups that oppose a Jewish state?

RJ: As I said, our first duty is to fight anti-Semitism. Sometimes a group that opposes a Jewish state will get expelled.

BW: Do you have a plan for accomplishing this?

RJ: I’m glad you asked. We’re just now drafting a new application form with a list of questions that is not in the old form. We may even apply it retroactively. Would you like to see it?

BW: Sure.

1. Are you now or have you ever been an anti-Semite?
2. Have you ever attended a meeting of anti-Semites?
3. Have you ever associated anyone that was or is an anti-Semite?
4. Are you willing to provide the U.S. Campaign with a list of all anti-Semites that you have known?
5. Have you ever tolerated the presence of anti-Semites without denouncing or challenging them?

RJ: I hope that shows we’re serious about fighting racism and defending Palestinians.

Barb Weir is the pseudonym of a writer in Northern California. Read other articles by Barb.