An Innocuous Dream and the Good Wish

A dogmatic cloud carries on
its falling cats and dogs
on an innocuous dream
for a shinny morning for all
till it catches a tartar-
a colossal rainbow
drawn and held by the good wish
of someone else of the dream
who keeps wishing the dream always
‘’Best of luck’’
covering it from top to bottom
to beat the cloud hollow
in the final match of life
making a flock of cocks hilarious to crow
on the land
and above in the sky
a new Sun blissful to shine again
kissing the dream to open its eyes
in a golden shinny morning with green hopes.

Pijush Kanti Deb is an Indian poet whose poetry has been published in numerous national and international magazines and journals. His collection of poetry Beneath the Shadow of a White Pigeon was published in February, 2015. Read other articles by Pijush Kanti.