The Peasants are Revolting!

Author’s Note:  Windsor Castle staff have threatened to go on strike. ((Windsor Castle: One of the Queen’s official residences.))


“Prime Minister, there’s awful news,
It’s in The Times today; ((The Times: Top Establishment Newspaper.))
The servants of Her Majesty,
Engaged in quite a travesty,
A strike to get more pay”!

“What is the Empire coming to?
The jumped-up working-class;
Will next be wanting decent homes,
With back yards stuffed with garden gnomes,
It really is a farce”.

“Prince Philip thinks we should get tough,
And hang them by the thumbs;
As soon they’ll want the bakery,
And after that the cakery,
When they’re tired of the crumbs”.

“I’d transport them to Botany, ((Botany Bay: Penal Colony in Australia where enemies of the Empire, such as Trade Unionists, were sent.))
It is a damn disgrace;
It really is about time that,
The ghastly proletariat,
All knew their lowly place”.

“They should accept the way things are,
In our democracy;
They do the work, we get the wealth,
And this fine system using stealth,
Is known as the Big ‘C’”!

Richard is a poet and amateur blues harmonica player who lives in the seaside town of Clacton on England's east coast. He's had approximately 70 poems published in England and Wales as well as a number of articles. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Richard.