Kindred Spirits

I lament days of youth
Long gone, faded memories
Partly truth, partly fiction,
But still feels good
Brings sly smiles to my face
Remembering the ones
We met along the way
For everyone an adventure awaits
Yours to take, or not…
The ones we meet along the way
Helped get us through the day
Whether a ship, riding the rail,
Battlefields, logging camps,
Hitchhiking psychedelic highways,
Surrogate brothers, uncles, friends,
Keepers of the ancient code of the rode
Protecting travelers, misfits,
Road scholars, prospectors,
The ones called by the night winds
To forsake everything they have known
To head out on their own
Not knowing where, nor
Do they care, that’s not the point!
It’s the adventure in between.
Sojourners that haven’t met,
Bit players in a cosmic play of life
Destined to be acted out, maybe
There’s a reason, maybe not
It doesn’t matter, the play must open
Destiny works this way
Those vagabonds of adventure
Live for the experiences in the raw!
The ones we met along the way are solid.
We got each other through the thaw
Living fast, hard, raw, intense,
In the moment, what ever came our way!
Intense love making, multi-orgasmic,
Passionate, we held each other tight
Held hostage by the night, only
To be liberated by morning light.
Than the cast of characters dispersed…
We got through precarious times
I often think of the ones I met along the way
Living life in the moment, than gone (but not forgotten)!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.