A jabberwocky lived
in a special pool of mud

oblivious like the pollen-laden bee,
it sat on its eminent seat

gibbered jabbered like a jobber
on a stool

for those that didn’t listen,
his vizier flytrap snapped heads
of those who’d rebuke

like a frog tongue grabbed
its meals airborne

the jabberwocky’s mouth
gobbled tempestuous storms

where it’d munch them like cereal
crackling in a bowl

spitting them out in a whirlpool
of zones, his raiders were a line

of cards with spears, soldiering
down dozens of doe-eyed deer

it owned a river of heads
he’d guillotined, the king too

lay like a noble-shorn statue
bobbing his head like an obedient

the city brayed in bunches of valour,
the jabberwocky ate them like berries
on a platter

until none remained but his hunger-
driven flytrap that ate the jabberwocky
like nothing else mattered

but hunger is a power that has
never known to die, the birds of night
have learnt the different sounds
of what makes up a cry

whether a wolf, dog or fox,
the city keeps releasing a new
animal from their inexhaustible box.

Sheikha A. is from Pakistan and United Arab Emirates. Her works appear in a variety of literary venues, both print and online, including several anthologies by different presses. Her poetry has been translated into Spanish, Greek, Arabic, Polish Italian, Albanian and Persian. More about her can be found at sheikha82.wordpress.com Read other articles by SheikhaA, or visit SheikhaA's website.