Culling the Flock

Millions considered obsolete
By global royalty
The planet can no longer
Sustain us, due to:
Lack of water, weather changes,
Global warming and greed,
Misplaced priorities
No negotiations with Mother Earth
Millions homeless
Living in refugee villages of shacks
No food, aid, water or help,
A hopeless situation
Billions of subalterns
Live in garbage dumps
Millions killed by police/soldiers
Millions of women and children
Raped, murdered, missing,
Another final solution brewing
Against the poor
Not enough life saving resources
To go around
Time to down size people
Start the culling of the flock
Send trucks to pick up the
Mentally challenged,
Homeless, unemployed, uneducated,
Elderly, poets, democrats, and “others”
The global elite has a survival plan
And we’re not included!
Earth has become crueler and
Will continue to do so, for
There isn’t enough to go around
Lines have been drawn, and
If you are below them,
There will be hard times coming
“Survival of the richest”
“Look after number one.”
Slogans of psychopaths in suits
Species gone extinct, more coming,
Fire up the ovens of hate, Shall we prey!
The ultimate show down is coming
News flash: Jeb Bush elected president!
As ashes begin to fall on fresh snow…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.