Ships Passing In the Night

Luxury liners sailing oceans
Safe at sea, lots to do, for
The well to do! Servants 24/7
Fancy dining every night
Dancing under the stars
Seas have many contrasts…
As does life!
For not far away
Dilapidated boats
Carry hundreds of migrants
Facing death by drowning
Rather the wrath of dictators
Into crowded boats:
No food, water, life jackets, toilets.
Just hopes and prayers
Thousands have perished watery deaths
Thousands more will as well
Fellow sailors on the sea of life
In a few days the luxury liner will
Be accepted into port, the “others” will not!
Desperately fleeing their country
Because of corruption and genocide
Willing to board death boats
To go to countries that do not want them
History has seen this before,
Jews fleeing the Nazi’s
They too, were turned back to die!
The only SOS that they can send
Is when CNN cameras look into crying eyes
The windows of tortured souls
Terrorized faces of little children
“Do not harm a hair on their heads”
Powerful countries, United Nations,
Sit back and do nothing
To busy exploiting their countries wealth
And making deals with the devil!
There was a time deals were made from,
A Fisher of men, who’s Father is the Admiral!
Millions of earthlings dispossessed/dying
Those who could have done something, but
Chose nothing, will say: “we did not think
It would get this bad.” “It did, when the first soul drowned”
Said the Admiral, of the Highest Court.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.