Let There Be Stillness

Revel in peace, and
Find what solitude awaits you
It is here you know your authentic self
It is a treasure in modern times
Meanstream news media
Conforms a person
Turning them into a stranger
Within themselves
Confusion festers and
They veer off course
Becoming consumers of useless things
Brainwashed to believe
The unimaginable
24/7 propaganda beats your conscience
Into submission, becoming a sheeple
Believing the lies told to you
By corporate owned psychopaths
Bombing innocent countries, and
Killing millions of women and children
By accident/mistake is acceptable:
Wars, invasions, genocides, assassinations,
Are all acceptable, needed to bring the peace
That we seek as a nation,
To help others to be more peace loving like US(A)
The information age has caused us to go deaf!
Blessed are those peaceful countries
Where people can live in harmony
Away from the “rat-race” of capitalism
Concentrating on being good neighbors
Concerned for one another
Enjoying social programs, education, health care
Where quality is valued over quantity
Greed an unknown commodity
Elders are valued, children safely play,
No social chaos like in Americus
Total opposite, a region of hope
A declaration of peace in the southern regions
Allows for hope, that there is another way!
The planet needs such a plan
Everyone can start by being kind
Wherever you are, ask: how can I help!!
Avoid the treacherous internet highway, for
Country roads of compassion for one another!!
Americus can learn a thing or two from Cuba!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.