Is Glyphosate in the Food on My Plate?

No weeds are in the lawn,
dandelions are gone.
A potent dose of glyphosate,
that’s what sealed their fate.

There are no honey bees
in flowers or in trees.
Were they slain by glyphosate?
Is that why they’ve been absent as of late?

Soda pop, chicken, eggs and meat,
all the things that we love to eat,
everything on our plate
is laced with glyphosate.

The milk in the cow’s teat,
every slab of meat,
all foods made from corn or wheat,
glyphosate is in everything we eat.

If your gut’s all bloated and wound up
is it because lunch had traces of Roundup?
Monsanto’s name for glyphosate,
it was likely in everything you ate.

It is a baneful truism:
cancer, chronic disease and autism
have increased at a dire rate
since the earth was bathed in glyphosate.

Is humanity doomed to the weeds’s fate?
Does our extinction have a firm date?
Or can we rally–if it’s not too late–
and liberate our world from glyphosate?

Floyd D. Anderson lives in Brockport, New York, and can be reached at Read other articles by Floyd D..