Bill C-51

Designed to stop terrorists
Civil rights lawyers, and
A majority of citizens disagree
It takes fundamental freedoms away
Unfortunately it passed with
The support of liberals and conservatives
Justin Trudeau and Stephen Harper
In bed together with corporations
More citizens died in Canada
By social policies by stealth, (state murder)
Not by outside terrorists, the ones in Ottawa
First Nations people are now
Considered terrorists in their own land,
Good citizens arrested for disagreeing
With government polices that
Favor transnational corporations
Allowing pipelines to be built
Secret police tap phones and
Spy on concerned citizens
These republican policies do not work
Anyone speaking out against the government
Is deemed a terrorist!
Canada is becoming a Hawk Nation
Bombing Middle Eastern cities
Killing innocent women and children
As imperialist countries have done for decades
Letters to the editor will have secret police visiting you,
Radical poets must wear a yellow “P”
Over their heart, berets and readings banned!
Anyone seeing radical poets brandishing
A book of poems by Cohen, Goldman, Ferlenghetti,
Or the likes are to call the anti-poetry police,
Other good poets please register with
The New Communication office and declare
Your contents and allegiance to Harper,
By writing this poem I committed treason
With the intent to inform! I just heard screeching tires
Outside my apartment, men are yelling orders
Dogs barking, boots rushing up wooden stairs
They are banging on doors, looking for the poets,
I escape out the window onto the roof
Hidden messages can be found later….
Pretend you received this poem by mistake.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.