Baltimore Burning

Finally the powder keg
Of racism, state murder,
Mass poverty, neo-liberal polices,
Student debt, lack of social programs,
Black men publicly executed
Be white policemen:
I can’t breathe; hands-up, don’t shoot;
Broken spine; numerous acts of police brutality;
He was armed with a pop and a bag of Skittles.
Social media brought it all to the public front!
Centuries of persecution in “Americus”
By New Rome!
John, Bobby, Martin, Malcolm, and
Countless of community activists who were
Murdered throughout history black and white, and
Still are throughout the states.
Americus is burning while
Neo-liberalism plays its violin:
Concert of policies by stealth a la republican!
The powder keg blew in Baltimore!
Republicans have different priorities, like:
Spending trillions on war toys, star-wars,
Large tax-breaks to billionaires, trillions
On defense budgets to keep air-craft carriers
Stationed around the world, trident submarines,
Boots on the ground in other countries
Misguided policies, nothing for the people!
Let the youth know that they have nothing,
Will get nothing, they are nothing, but,
Be sure to behave yourselves.
Americus is set to burn!
While they bomb others and dictate policies
To help the people rebuild and be more like us!
Millions homeless, poverty, lack of medical coverage,
Prisons for profits, filled to capacity of marginalized people.
The people are marching and protesting again
Community leaders and some politicians
Are coming together with their allies,
Ready to lead the way and rebuild Americus
Turning its weapons into ploughshares
There is hope on the ground
The time has come for change!
Divert those defense budgets of death, to
Rebuild life and opportunities for all!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.