Jötunn is taller than a church spire. He lives
with his mother under a crude stone bridge.
Sexually frustrated. No friends. His goal
is to terrorise the entire village. He’s a troll.

Ugly. Feet like a chiropodist’s nightmare.
Tree-trunk legs, dutch-elm diseased. A pair
of anvils for hands: iron-cast; heavy. Ball-
peen fingers impacting on the keyboard.

Username: odin_is_my_bitch. Got to
hand it to the ogre, he doesn’t care who
he pisses off, whose legend or old-
school reputation is defaced by his vitriol.

Forest-destroyer, devourer of children,
dark imp, never more dangerous than when
logged on and threatening all and sundry
via a proxy server: safely, anonymously.

Neil Fulwood has published three collections with Shoestring Press, ‘No Avoiding It’, ‘Can’t Take Me Anywhere’ and ‘Service Cancelled’. A collection of political satires, ‘Mad Parade’ has just been published by Smokestack Books. Neil lives and works in Nottingham. Read other articles by Neil.