Entitled patriarch hawks
Have talons razor sharp
Like patriarch predators
Their claws razor sharp
They watch over the flock
Waiting for one to leave
And have thoughts of their own
That is when we pounce
And tear them ruthlessly apart
A warning to the “others”
We are hegemonic “wantabes”
White male patriarch power
Not soft egalitarian kinds
Who tend to leave gates open
Or undo what we have done
With libratory poetry
And songs of peace, love, and freedom
We stand stern
Through-out the community
Watching and waiting
For those who oppose us
Our God given right to dominate the “others”
We ride rough-shod over the sheeple
If we want their opinion, we will give it to them.
We hold positions of power
Through-out the structures of society
Ensuring right-wing policies are carried out
Ensuring our superiority and points of view are heard
Gramsic tried to warn them
But he died in jail for his beliefs
The hawks and predators
Are your neighbours, politicians, professionals,
All those who maintain the status crow
Who send your sons and daughters
To fight unjust invasions
In lands far away ensuring the wealth and power
Of corporate elites who do not like them anyway.
I will continue to write libratory poetry
Leaving them hidden by the water hole,
And leaving gates open or unlocked,
Hoping, just maybe, some can break away,
“And join us, and the world can live as one.”

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.