Look No Further

The Hadron Collider
Has been repaired, and
Will be back on line soon
Physicists and other scientists
Are ecstatic concerning its return
It can look into the unseen
Dark universe and check its matter
Billions spent on this
Rock-star machine, and
Billions more to keep it operating
Another example of spending priorities
For science to keep the elite happy, opposed
To spending billions on inner earth,
The scientists have it all wrong!
This machine should be pointed
At inner earth’s seen dark universe of:
Evil, wars, genocides, poverty, oppression,
State murder, invasions, and killings of innocent
Women and children and the destruction of the ozone
Don’t you think these scientists should
Put their collective brain power together
Solving inhumane problems on earth first?
If conditions carry on the way they are
The third planet from the sun will be destroyed
One would think this should be a first priority.
We have 100 billion neurons each, put together,
I think we should be able to rectify earth’s problems?
With the amount of atrocities on earth,
I would say we found the dark universe.
Nothing could be darker in the unseen universe
Than what we are seeing in the seen universe!
Trillions spent on wars, invasions, Star Wars, bombs,
Hadron Colliders, arms and spy agencies.
Imagine, this could all be reversed:
News Flash! Governments around the world
Have decided to put military budgets into
Repairing mother earth:
Building infrastructure, free education, social programs,
Forming peace troops to rebuild communities, committed
Peace talks, open policies of peace, committed to
Putting planet earth to its fullest potential, where
All species will reach their full potential.
Than, by all means, go and play with Hadron, and
Let us know what you find out…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.