How Cruel Is the Heart

Trillions spent on wars,
Invasions, genocides, and
Drones, attack planes, and
Trident nuclear submarines,
ICBM’s, spy satellites, all
To secure imperialist interests
Of gaining oil, gold, resources, no
Concern for the people,
Mercenaries gun them down
Protecting corporate interests
For every action, there is a reaction!
Millions of innocents die, are killed,
Become refugees, or migrants,
Trying to leave their traditional lands
From the torture and murder of,
Dictators backed by the imperialists
Corruption on both sides everyday occurrence
Destabilize countries, easier to sell arms.
Migrants board unsafe ships to escape
To countries who don’t want them there
Ships sink in the ocean, thousands perish,
The backlash reaction to inactions
Of not assisting and supporting these countries!!
Where is the United Nation?
Where is the empathy from Christian countries?
Easier to praise the Lord from the safety of church,
The places in Heaven, you thought, were reserved for you
They are taken by murdered migrants, refugees, and innocents.
No humanitarian aid to rebuild countries or
Remove evil dictators, usually in cahoots
With 1st world countries there to exploit!!
The blood of the innocents fall on your greedy hands!
There lay possibilities to rebuild our planet
If the colonizer mentality could be replaced
By that of the very God you confess too!
The possibilities are endless, imagine:
Troops armed with farm equipment,
Drones that could plow a field,
Rebuilding planet earth, as earthlings!
No one homeless or without work,
A planet of new possibilities, all
Could reach self-actualization…
Hawks will say what a dreamer!
Dreams of hope are better than current nightmares!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.