They were blinded by the rush,
quite engrossed in the worldly plush.
They had many things to buy,
had no time to appreciate the room service guy.
Unfortunately they had lots to ponder,
for they found no reason to wonder.

How are smiles on those ignored faces
who ignore hunger by tasting in traces?
Day to day is their fight,
sadly; routine includes wailing at night.
There is yet no cure, for some grievous ailment,
suffering and struggling, sleep many on the pavement.
What makes some sacrifice for their countrymen?
knowing, behind at home; by exploding of guns, their mothers are shaken.
How much savings can a Cotton Candy seller make?
whilst us enjoying its sweetness, he counts to soothe his silent heartache.
If grains are the basic need to stay alive,
then why, for it the sower goes through the hardest strive?

Never bothered over these; they stood waiting,
inside a 7 star hotel room they were dialing.
Creases on the bed sheet and that its color was faint,
was all, what made them to register a Complaint!

Sarah Abdi is from India and she is pursuing engineering in Computer Science. Read other articles by Sarah, or visit Sarah's website.