Yes, We Can (ada)!

Harper the hawk
Has taken Canada down a dark road
Gone, our international peacekeeping role
A sensible country of peace/cooperation, now
Another imperialist country
Occupying and bombing the Middle East
Our innocence is no more
A poor cousin of New Rome
Body bags in coming, and
Shopping bags out going…
Ram Roding terrorist bills
Designed to take our freedoms away
Anyone opposes or questions
Are considered terrorists
He makes absurd comments
Towards Muslim women and Islam
Saber rattling like the USA
Tea party/republican style
He’s got war on his mind!
Anyone protesting pipelines,
Mines, logging, government policies
Are considered terrorists
Thousands of murdered missing
Aboriginal women, no inquiry…
First Nations colonized again
(What ever happened to post colonialism?)
Lots of funds to purchase attack jets
Tax breaks to the rich
Highest child poverty in history
Conservative senators charged for stealing funds
It appears Harper is up the Duffy again
No funds for social programs:
Medicare, CBC, pensions, all under attack!
Unlike gold plated pensions for politicians
Jack Layton came in a dream and said:
“Courage my friends, there’s an election
On the horizon, it’s over when we say so!”
Be idle No More! Get out and vote
This terrorist out of office! We’re the 98%.
Poets are now considered terrorists of the state
I hear them coming, yelling, dogs barking,
Pretend you received this by mistake
Out the window and down the ladder
Into this, your good night, I go….

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.