The Unloved Become the Unloving

Before our eyes
We witnessed the bombing
Of ancient Middle Eastern cities
By imperialist forces
As though, somehow this was acceptable
The killing of women and children, and
Other innocent citizens
Protecting imperialist interests,
Allows this psychopathic behavior?
Sophisticated jets, pinpoint accuracy
Have pounded into rubble: homes,
Schools, hospitals, red-cross safe zones,
These are not targets of conflict, but
Acts of ethnic cleansing, genocide, state murders!
Children grew up witnessing
First hand the murder of parents, siblings,
Elders, culture, and their innocence
Because of continued imperialist aggression
Middle Eastern countries are at war, they are:
Sick and tired of being sick and tired
Of continued assaults on their existence
Even the humble mouse will attack if cornered
Said’s “Orientalism” has taken a tragic twist
Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Syria,
Palestine, Israel, Egypt, and others,
Tensions shifting like sand in a dessert
Pending sand doom!
Imperialist countries sell arms to all
Massing vast fortunes,
Testing ground for killing machines
Mercenaries/sociopaths on the ground
Guarding foreign corporations
Killing citizens, no questions asked
(Becoming police when state side)
Bush cancelled Peace Talks, exchanging them for
An invasion of Iraq, to gain access to oil, now,
The genie is out of the bottle…
For every action there is a reaction, now, behold!
ISIS, has come of age, Tierney became their parents,
Revenge their passion, the flip side of the coin!
Zinn, Chomsky, Gramsic, tried to warn us:
Get your politicians under control!
My three wishes: peace, love, and disarm.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.