Super Ego Maniacs

Retired American Intelligence General
Being interviewed on CNN re:
The overthrow of the president of Yemen
“Yes, they were making anti-American sentiments, and
Burning our flag.” Well, no kidding,
After 50 years of American planes
Bombing the living hell out of them
And others like Lebanon!
Killing millions of innocent people
Destroying cultures, religion, taking sides
All in the name of corporate profits, or
Protecting American interests! Like,
Somehow this justifies mass murder?
Making large profits selling arms,
Missiles, planes, technology,
All designed to kill and maim.
Where was the humanitarian aid, or
Keeping the peace talks going?
What business is it of yours and
Other imperialist countries interfering
With the lives of other countries?
What about the genocide of the First Nations
People in the Americas; forced marches,
The slaughter of innocent children and women,
America, take a hard look in the mirror,
Who the hell do you think you are?
You confess to be a Christian country, but
You kill innocent people and feel God
Granted you this privilege…
Your greed created this crisis in the Middle East
You have created an industry of death
Apparently, justified by God,
And you are prepared to destroy anyone
Who dare speaks ill of you!!!
You have more nuclear weapons than any country
Spending trillions on star wars…
Spy agencies, drones, shock and awe capabilities,
Paranoia, greed, anti-social personality disordered,
After all is said and done, unfortunately,
Mother Nature will give you a reality cheque
That you can’t cash, insufficient funds!!!
News flash! Yemen just apologized if they hurt
The Americans feelings, so sorry, our mistake!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.