Silly Goose

I guess the NSA
is just sitting around the office
twiddling their thumbs
while super powered computer systems
with algorithmic databases
which hold nearly infinite
amounts of information
collect and store citizen’s personal files.
They probably don’t even
check the printouts
or try to collate the statistics
to use to their own advantage.
Nothing to see here…
move along.

I guess the multibillion dollar think tanks
that write white papers
detailing agenda points
decades in advance
of what eventually gets passed
in governments around the world
aren’t actually intricately connected
in a fascist system,
they’re just really good at prophecy
and trend predictions.
Nothing to see here…
move along.

I guess the Judge
who worked at Monsanto
as a head honcho lawyer
before being appointed
to the Supreme Court
where he then wrote a ruling
in favor of his former corporation
was just doing his best
to uphold really high ideals
of integrity and justice,
not simply furthering the agenda of his crony buddies
and ensuring that a big fat check
will be waiting for his greedy little hands
whenever he decides to hang up the black robes
and swing back through the revolving door.
Nothing to see here…
move along.

I guess the President
who campaigned on ending wars
across the Middle East
was just out of his league
when he took the oath of office,
and so was forced to expand
the conflict in Afghanistan,
and forced to help overthrow
the governments in Libya and Egypt,
and forced to rile up Civil Wars in Syria and Ukraine
through the underhanded dealings
of the Clinton run State Department,
and forced to use drone strikes at weddings and funerals,
and forced to do a head fake in Iraq
by seemingly shutting down the occupation, but really
just turning it over to private contractors,
only to heat things up once again
to supposedly quell the violence
and spread of extremism that he helped facilitate in Syria
by funding various “rebel” terrorist organizations
so as to create a fog of deniability
in the overarching agenda of regime change against Assad.
I’m sure he meant well in all such efforts,
and, gee whiz, was just doing his best,
what with that mean, old, nasty, do-nothing congress
he has to contend with all the time.
Poor guy.
Nothing to see here…
move along.

I guess the former Vice President
who spent all those hours holed up inside
billion dollar underground bunkers
pretending to be some modern day Darth Vader
was just being a silly goose
when he took over control of NORAD
and multiple other defense agencies
after being charged with such duties by Bush
under the guise of the “Office of National Preparedness”
a few months prior to the planes
flying into the World Trade Centers,
only to turn power back over
a few months later
to where it had been vested before,
and it wasn’t at all because an attack was
planned, expected and anticipated,
and someone high up was needed
to issue a stand down in the heat of the moment.
Nothing to see here…
move along.

I guess it’s good
that the same imperialist government
that spies on its citizens,
that spies on the rest of the world,
that wages war all over the planet,
that subsidizes its fascist interests,
that already regulates the television
and radio frequencies,
that passed a “Patriot Act”
which led to the formation of Homeland Security,
that passed an “NDAA”
which deemed the homeland as a war zone,
that passed an “Affordable Healthcare Act”
which funneled more money and power
to the insurance agencies that screwed
the system up in the first place,
that passed “TARRP” to bail out
the very banks that created
the monopoly money derivatives
which caused the 2008 stock market crash,
that tortures and indefinitely detains
anyone its extrajudicial tribunals deems fit,
that uses propaganda techniques orders of magnitude worse
than anything Freud, Bernays or Goebbels
could have ever dreamed up,
that runs unelected agencies such as the
highly esteemed IRS, CIA, FBI,
well, yea, sure,
it seems like a damned fine idea
to trust such a government
with an undisclosed
335 page bill
that turns control of the internet –
the last vestige of free flowing information available
to the people of the world –
over to itself.
Nothing to see here…
move along.

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.