The Noble One

The king of the land
Ruled benevolently
Peace and love was the aroma
In the air,
He had slain evil monsters, and
Cruel invaders…for peace
Is bought for a price
Side by side the warrior king
Fought with his army
Ensuring war would be no more
Villagers worked in the fields
Craftsmen plied their skills
Artists painted, wrote poetry,
All became self-actualized, and
Reached their full potentials
Every citizen cared for, especially
The elders and special ones
A Shangri-La in the Highlands
Where no one wanted or lacked
Love ruled unconditionally
Brandon the Bold
Was a man of great love and mercy
Often at night he would be seen
Galloping his mighty horse, Thunder,
Over the hills and valleys
He was a restless king and feared nothing, except sleep,
For it was then he travelled thru
A portal into another dimension, becoming
A modern day monk, a holy one,
With great compassion for humanity
He was called: “Dolly-boys”!
It was here that he learnt the way of peace
And to be a merciful king
For Brandon the Bold, in this world,
Was a lad with Down syndrome, autism,
Legally blind and non-verbal
His family loved him, as did all who knew him
One night his father kissed him/me on the forehead
And said: “good night my little king.”
As Brandon departed into sleep land
Making his little gurgling noises
I saddled Thunder and road to my kingdom
To ensure all were safe to become
The best that they could become….

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.