Numa hung a left turn only to find himself caught up in the middle of a nastily developing situation.

Line after line of passengers stood waiting, bags by their side, as they slowly, one by one, were herded to the front.

But there was no grand prize awarded for making it into the brightly shining spotlight. No special privileges were offered at the checkpoint. Arriving to the front of the line was not a victory by any means. What one received was a humiliating shakedown. Compliments of direct orders from the Fed. Carried out by the black-uniformed, goon squad TSA.

Numa gasped as he watched the next unlucky participant get the business.

First the passenger was forced to go through a highly powered x-ray machine to be bathed in radiation poisoning while a 360 degree biometric scan of their body was taken and stored for surveillance purposes. Meanwhile, all electronic devices were seized and their contents were copied into the centralized Homeland Security database. If any such actions were questioned as being unconstitutional and dehumanizing, the passenger was immediately escorted out by the police force and put on any number of lists, including a terrorist watch, a no-fly and a gun ban.

If the passenger made it through the initial round of mistreatment without offering any resistance, next up came an illegal pat down, carried out by unlicensed agents, which consisted of a sexually molesting grope, probe and squeeze of their genitals, as outlined in the official training manuals of the rogue, out of control, federal agency.

After running such a gauntlet of degradation, the passenger was given a slap on the back and shoved aboard their plane.

Gagging in utter disgust, Numa turned back to the right, only to discover that things weren’t looking any better.

A raging fire, having already burned over seventy-thousand acres of forest in its wake, was fast approaching a nuclear reactor where tens of thousands of pounds of radioactive material were stored. Immanent disaster prepared to blow the top off and send the building back to the stone age.

Numa could not stand to watch as history went up in smoke so he turned back to the left.

To see a vision of ocean water as far as the eye could make out. But as his sight focused in more closely on the sand, he noticed that it was covered with beached whales and dolphins, all lying dead after having been driven insane from the sonic frequencies tested in the water by HARRP and swarming up to the surface in suicidal droves.

Numa wept as he turned again to the right, seeking an escape from the horror.

Only to receive another putrid dose. Caught up in the devastation of a heavy artillery firefight, Numa got a full taste of destruction in the heat of the desert. Guns. Uniforms. Tanks. Missiles. Blood. Guts. Death. Massacre. Madness. The whole wretched theatre of war.

Numa couldn’t stand it anymore.

He fell to his knees and ceased turning back and forth.

He sat perfectly still.

He breathed deeply and slowed his heart rate.

The sound of firecrackers going off alerted Numa into an awakened state of concentration. Focusing in on the noise, Numa opened his eyes to the sight of them going off like bombs in the air.

Numa spoke thusly:

“There was an American Revolution fought which led to The Declaration of Independence being drawn up and signed in 1776 to cast off the influence of overseas despots and tyrannical authority figures.

“But what have we now in this Day and Age? Is it not an eerily similar situation as a corrupted ruling class abuses their positions of power through Banking, Religious and Governmental Institutions?

“Woe be unto us if we do not catch the rising tide of Spiritual Awakening and Psychological Revolution through a Rededication to the Grand Declaration of Independence, Freedom, Liberty and Sovereignty.

“Woe be unto us if we do not strengthen our resolve and begin to offer mass resistance to the cancerous growth of tyranny that is exponentially spreading throughout society.

“Woe be unto us if we do not put aside our noisemakers and pretty lightshows, and start to take full responsibility for the state of affairs we have allowed to arise in the world.

“It is not enough to wave a flag and pay patriotic lip service to an idea every once in awhile on a certain calendar date.

“It is not enough that once upon a time in a land deemed New Atlantis, a people was able to throw away its shackles of debt and cast off from the influence of offshore banking interests.

“It is not enough that great men and women in generations before ours fought to secure the inalienable God-given rights and privileges of freedom and sovereignty for all citizens of this country.

“It is not enough to drive around town with a cute little catchy slogan on the bumper sticker of your shiny car as a way of expressing your voice.

“It is not enough to play with toys all your life.

“It is not enough to remain perpetually retarded in a state of adolescence.

“Woe be unto us if we do not grow up quickly and begin to act like adults.

“We are, after all, living in the Day and Age of Renaissance Revolution.

“The wave has arrived; we either surf and survive or get pulled under by the tide.

“After all, for now at least, we are still free to choose.”

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at 17numa@gmail.com. You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.