John Roberts: More than an Umpire

• We must mark John Robert’s 60th birthday last month and his 10 years as Supreme Court Justice. His reign as Chief Justice has left our democracy more in shambles. Any change is not subject to the makeup of other branches of the government but to future court appointments.

John Roberts, sixty in years but physically trim,
A short-term SCOTUS leadership looks rather dim.
Appointed by Bush, erratic fate had its way,
Rehnquest departed before Senate would say.
Cagey John became nominee, the SCOTUS chief,
He played the Senators like a common thief.
An impartial image of his umpiring a game,
Became his mantra of self-demeaning fame.
Now ten years of supposedly calling balls and strikes,
While changing game rules, springing open the dikes.
The chartered black sox have become the team of win,
While main stream team-mates have lost Founders spin.
It’s corporations are people — same as money rules,
While collections of minions are left to drool.
Failing to tell Senators, rules he would change,
Consumers and unions were left with the mange.
Employer’s religion trumped beliefs of the many,
Their puffed-up worth outvoted employee pennies.
Then speaking of votes, Robert’s court struck hard,
For brown, black and poor, voting was barred.
Individual rights became a foreign legion,
For access to justice, save guns and religion.
Women rights were targeted as well,
A patriarch culture continues to swell.
Insurance coverage for contraceptives it seems,
Is less important than Hobby Lobby’s esteem.
So blithely on John Roberts does smirk,
For in his mind, he’s like Captain Kirk.

James Hoover is a recently retired systems engineer. He has advanced degrees in Economics and English. Prior to his aerospace career, he taught high school, and he has also taught college courses. He recently published a science fiction novel called Extraordinary Visitors and writes political columns on several websites. Read other articles by James.