God, How’s It Going?

(Written 2014)

How’s it going?
Any news of me?
The nights—I can count them myself.
But how many mornings
are left for me?

Will you like me?
Through what eyes
will you see your creature?

Shall I come on my own?
Or will you send for me?


• On Sunday past, January 25, 2015, I published several poems by Vagif Samadoghlu.  At the time I knew he was ill.  He passed away on Tuesday, January 27th.  He wanted to “die as a poem not as a poet”.  I think he accomplished both.

Angie Tibbs
DV Poetry Editor

Vagif Samadoghlu, born in Azerbaijan in 1939, is a jazz pianist who pursued literarature. He was named Azerbaijan's National poet in 1999. His first volume of poetry, Song to the Sun while Sitting in Darkness, was translated into English and published in September 2014. An extended bio, as well as a free download of Song to the Sun is here. Read other articles by Vagif.