Equality At Last!

Author’s Note: Armies around the world are seriously considering close-combat roles for women


Rejoice! all gentle Feminists,
And soon enjoy the thrill;
Of having full equality–
The right to fight and kill!
The right to march repeatedly,
Across the barrack square;
Whilst Sergeant Major-ette barks forth,
Expletives whilst out there.
The right to polish hobnail boots,
And whitewash army coal;
As indispensable parts of,
The training for this role.

The right to look like brutish men,
Dressed-up in camouflage;
The right to be last in the yomp, ((A army march with heavy equipment over difficult terrain.))
And dressed-down by the Sarge.
The right to keep the enemy,
Of either sex at bay;
With rifles and fixed bayonets,
Has really made our day!
The right upon the Killing Fields,
To fill up empty graves;
Now all we want’s the right to be,
Dead equal as wage-slaves!

Richard is a poet and amateur blues harmonica player who lives in the seaside town of Clacton on England's east coast. He's had approximately 70 poems published in England and Wales as well as a number of articles. He can be reached at: richard-layton@zen.co.uk. Read other articles by Richard.