Defending our Liberty with “Rank” Hypocrisy!

Author’s Note:  British Police have been obtaining the names of those buying the special post-Paris shooting edition of Charlie Hebdo magazine on the pretext of “enhancing public safety”


The Counter-Terrorist Squad’s checked, ((1990-2010: Average number of people dying yearly in the UK of: Terrorism 6; Bee/wasp stings 5; Accidental deaths 17,201. Source: The Guardian Newspaper. London & Manchester.))
To see if Private Eye;  ((UK’s biggest selling satirical magazine))
Is bought beneath the counter by
Some Lefties on the sly.
The Daily Mail’s not on their list, ((UK tabloid rag to the right of Ghengis Khan))
Unlike the vile Gay Times;
As it’s believed this magazine,
Incites the foulest crimes.

The Socialist Worker spews out crap, ((Organ of Socialist Workers Party. Undemocratic Trotskyist party which has lost many members due to rape allegations against leadership))
Like a revolting gob;
But then again it is produced,
By a revolting mob!
Regretfully, democracy
Here in the working class;
Means tolerating even those,
Who talk out of their arse.

But freedom is a dirty word,
To those that run the State,
So dissidents should watch themselves,
Before it is too late.
So buy your mags most carefully,
Disguise yourself in drag;
And wear a hijab made up of
The British Union Flag!

Richard is a poet and amateur blues harmonica player who lives in the seaside town of Clacton on England's east coast. He's had approximately 70 poems published in England and Wales as well as a number of articles. He can be reached at: Read other articles by Richard.