A Tactical Extraction!

• The Western coalition forces withdrawal from Afghanistan is officially, “A tactical extraction”

“A tactical extraction” to,
Be somewhat indiscreet;
Is not so much a victory,
But more of a defeat.

The one objective understood,
To crush the poppy trade;
Was for expediency’s sake, 1
Indefinitely delayed.

And profits from the opium,
(Although always denied)
Financed some who supposedly,
Were on the Western side. 2

And this year in Afghanistan,
Despite much ‘do or die’;
The Helmand drug crop reached new heights,
In a new record ‘high’.

Thus poppy seeds aplenty for,
The bastards who have lied;
And poppy wreaths aplenty for,
The many who have died. 3

  1. Western troops took little action against poppy
    farmers to avoid driving them to support the Taliban. []
  2. Supposedly friendly local warlords and Afghan officials, as well as the Taliban, profited from drug sales. Ex-President Karzai’s assassinated half-brother was suspected of such corruption. []
  3. Much is made of the death of Western soldiers but not of the twenty thousand Afghans who’ve died — many of whom perished as ‘collateral damage’. []
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