Verboten Views

Gilad Aztmon is a lightning rod for controversy. He is fervently anti-Zionist, and because of the Zionist crimes committed by Jews, he has disavowed himself of being a Jew. It is not surprising, therefore, that he even gets attacked even by those who profess to be progressives. ((See Kim Petersen, “Independent News as Vehicle for Character Assassination,” Dissident Voice, 23 August 2013 and “TRNN and Intellectual Integrity,” Dissident Voice, 6 September 2013.)) For Gilad Atzmon, dissent and a media soapbox are verboten. But not for RT, hosted by another lightning rod for controversy, George Galloway.

They engage in an intensive discussion on Jewish ID politics, Palestine, false terminology, The Left and whatever is Left, also jazz, saxophone, and beyond.

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