Metamorphous of Planet Earth (11)

Another cartoon degrades Mohammad
Millions of Muslims protest
Many people are killed, and
Will continue to do so around the world
In order to prove a useless point
Of colonial superiority, again!
A spark that ignites
The powder keg of extremism
Tensions become even higher
Feeding into sinister logic
From fear and war mongers
On all sides, those intent on
Destroying the planet (11)
In order to molest its wealth
And prove whose religion is holier
Merchants of death and arms dealers,
See dollar signs, knowing
More dictators will join the dissention
While imperialist countries continue doing
What they have always done, instigate and
Destabilize other countries…(Said’s Orientalism)
Not so comfortable when terrorism
Is on the other foot?
All disguised under the notion of Free Speech!
This concept must be equally revered
In every country, this has not been the case
In the Middle East by meanstream presses (anywhere)
Violent escalations play into the state’s hands
Allowing them to justify the use of force, and
Change laws to restrict citizen’s freedoms.
Recently we have seen what the masses can do
When they come together, this
Is how we will change the world my friends
Selma, Ferguson, New York, Paris, Egypt,
Change is going to come…Bread and Roses!
In the inconvenience we will find solidarity!
In the disruption we will find our conscience!
In the despair we will start the repair!
In the global movement we will find our destiny!
Cosmic forces are at play, super natural beings, (11)
Are amongst us, the revolution of peace and love started
The moment the first innocent citizen was killed
By friendly fire, a police gun and a cartoon!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.