It’s Been a Long Time Coming!

The peaceful revolution
Has started in France/America (New Rome)
I can’t breathe; I am Charlie;
Hands up, don’t shoot…
It will catch on around the world
Turn off propaganda sites
Trust only local news from the streets
Everything else is manufactured by the state
If everyone, where ever you are,
Start to march, protest, and
We will unite in one common goal:
Take back the planet in a loving way
Peacefully, for the “Man” loves violence,
Know that Gandhi, Martin, JFK, Che,
Mother Teresa, Gramsci, and every social activist
That ever lived who protested or gave their life
For freedom is marching with you arm in arm
Shut off the game-boy and get into the game boy/girl!
Meanstream presses, Hollywood propaganda,
Award shows of movie stars are superficial
Brothers and sisters marching together
Are the real deal! (Malala)
Concentrate in the community that you are at
We are meant to be right where we are now!
To do what we can, where we can, with what we can,
To bring about authentic democracy for everyone!!
To ensure this planet in patriarchal pain can heal
Tell all the people of the world to join in;
A participatory global citizenship is mobilizing
The momentum favors the righteous
Let’s do what Gandhi and MLK achieved, but
Only on a global level!
This is our last stand for a peaceful planet
The global royalty continue to exclude us,
The holocaust of the poor and “others”
Has started on a global scale: ‘the earth clearances’
Hegemonic structures like; education, religion, politics,
Are supporters/architects, they will not change by themselves.
Invasions and political interferences of other countries must stop!
It is over when we the people say it is!
What is done to the least amongst us, is done to us as well!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.