I Want To Die As A Poem

(Written 1985)

I want to die as a poem,
Not as a poet.

I’m living with the wish
To be read by someone some day,
To be read
from the very beginning
to the end.

I want to be memorized by heart
by somebody.
I want to be remembered always.
I want to be liked, to be loved.

And I want all these things
so desperately!

Not as a poet,
But as a poem
that will never be forgotten.

Vagif Samadoghlu, born in Azerbaijan in 1939, is a jazz pianist who pursued literarature. He was named Azerbaijan's National poet in 1999. His first volume of poetry, Song to the Sun while Sitting in Darkness, was translated into English and published in September 2014. An extended bio, as well as a free download of Song to the Sun is here. Read other articles by Vagif.