When you fall,
From carrying a heavy load
Along the wayside of life
Predators and scavengers come out
To devour what’s left of you
As you lie dying of a broken heart, like
A magnificent moose struck by a train
On a deep snow covered track,
In the middle of nowhere,
Pushed to the side, where,
It lies dying a painful death,
Red blood covers Ivory snow,
Gasping for breath, the beast,
Remembering its last days on Earth,
Slowly scavengers tear you apart, until
Your soul departs to the afterlife.
People can be cruel to a righteous person
For evil does live amongst us.
Saying one thing, meaning another…
Showing no mercy they pick your bones clean.
Always watching for signs of weakness,
Before pouncing like a pack of Hyenas.
Human nature is both light and dark.
Capable of extreme kindness, and
Calloused cruelty, the latter,
Devours the other if given a chance
Void of empathy and remorse, or
Sometimes, pure jealousy…
Those who have made a conscience choice
To do good and help others, enlighteners,
You made an enemy of the dark, and
Shadows will wait to extinguish you.
Keep your spirit strong, be mindful,
Clarity is the needed headlight
That brings enlightenment to the oppressed.
Focus on the sanctity of life, and
What sacredness there is in helping others, this
Keeps the darkness at bay,
‘By their deeds you will know them.’

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.