Breathing Together

Citizens have become brainwashed
Living their material lives
As if it really matters
No critical thinking capabilities
Lacking depth of agape love
For complete strangers
Hard wired to apathy
Never taking a stand
Trusting higher powers
Will protect them
Preoccupied with electronics
And latest computer games, of
Violence and murdering women
They stand out in crowds and parades
Around the world on New Year’s Eve
Believing in the evil empire
To those plastic people avoiding
The heat of justice, a rude awakening awaits you

To those sisters and brothers
Who use their daily oxygen
To make the world a better place
I salute you!
It is not an easy thing to do
Not to look the other way
There is a price to pay for advocacy
As you well know, but, yet
We take a stand for the oppressed
And would not have it any other way
You are my family…
We give each other hope
When walking the protest lines
Facing angry police, soldiers, tanks
Breathing for social justice on all levels
Performing acts of kindness
Showing humanity’s softer side
In so many different ways
Hold the line, do not falter, and
I know at times we do…
One day more will join us, and
We will live as one,
Just Imagine, it’s easy if you try
For there is no other way
Love is the answer, we await you…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.