Anarchist Resistance Greetings from Athens for the New Year

We bid Farewell to 2014 and Welcome the New Year with a different kind of festive mood. All videos have been shot by @kinimatini and Tar in Athens, during December 2014, except the “flying” Santa at the end, that has been shot by AgitPropULA.

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We bid farewell to the year 2014 with flashbacks of collective resistance, imprinted in our memories and engraved in the story of this world, to be reminded of our past, so that we keep on fighting in the future, to turn our dreams of a self-organized society without rulers, from Utopia to Reality.

Wherever you may be
Rise Up and Fight Back

Music: The sound of the Streets and Jingle Bells by Frank Sinatra.

Tar is with the anarchist resistance. Read other articles by Tar.