A Plea to Bill Maher Concerning Truth and Terrorism

How Western governments and media have created and promoted terrorism

Dear Mr. Maher, liberal comedian, social commentator and professed atheist. I’ve witnessed you claiming religious extremism from any particular faith can be a negative force. I see you’re in the news again in what appears as an, “I told you so,” triumph with the recent shootings in France committed by Muslim extremists. In the past on your own show, depending on one’s point of view, I’m certain you’ve been perceived as anti-Muslim, with the belief that the Islamic religion promotes and condones acts of terrorism. And yes it is true, Muslim extremists are among us in the world. But the truth is the West is every bit as extremist in our religious fervor and abhorrent acts committed in Mid-Eastern lands. Please indulge me and read on… And while you may feel justified in your position regarding the truth as you see it, you may have missed at least half of the picture and the most important parts. As it turns out the current reality concerning terrorism has been metastasizing for more than a century at this point. In our Western culture it’s historically been taboo for decades to discuss negative aspects of one religion in particular that’s regularly in the news, even though this particular religion has successfully advanced its goals specifically through terrorism; this is overlooked and unbelievably promoted by the Western governments and mass media – which all combined has enabled the terrorist born nation to acquire enough geography to call itself a religious state.

In the past we’ve seen you on TV defending Israel’s right to defend itself, and certainly it’s nearly universal human nature for all but the most passive to defend themselves against violent aggression. So, as a liberal atheist recognizing the same rights for everyone, wouldn’t you want to extend that recognition and those rights to all people in the world? The answer seems astoundingly that you do not recognize those rights for Palestinian Arabs and those of their religious faith. There is a very good possibility you’re uninformed and not aware that modern Islam’s biggest gripe with the West is rooted in the fact that Israel was originally created with European immigrants committing Zionist terrorism against Palestinian Arabs – while that terrorism in all reality is still openly practiced today, along with the continuing confiscations of Palestinian land through sometimes violent expulsions. And there are many more violations committed by Western powers, a few of which we’ll take a brief look at. But for a proud and avowed atheist to believe religious extremists had a right to terrorize people to acquire land, massacring entire villages and expelling Arabs from their ancestral homelands, based on Zionism’s self-proclaimed religious supremacy, seems hypocrisy – and then to defend that violent land theft thereafter with more violence and decades of brutal oppression is utter and shear hypocrisy which, as a public figure, you may have to continue to defend or denounce. Personally I love debates…

I make no excuses for anyone’s terrorism here but, if we’re going to discuss the issues, let’s use all the facts we can get. Like it or not, things wouldn’t be what they presently are without the West’s pacification of European Zionists self-declaring Israel’s statehood on Palestinian lands in 1948 – which was only possible at the expense of Palestinian Arabs losing their ancestral homelands while many were and still are slaughtered in the doing and continuation – again the original and one major Middle Eastern gripe against the West. Any law passed after the fact that justifies terrorism to take land from people who lived and survived there for well over a millennia – is illegitimate as far as I’m concerned. The simple fact is, Israel never had one legal right to expel the Arabs from Palestine in the first place, but unfortunately for Palestinian Arabs and some Christians – European Zionists did violently take the land. The West has been unwilling to acknowledge the validity of the Arab’s complaints, and at this point it’s obvious the Western powers, news media and all, don’t want to admit it while falsely portraying the Palestinians as guilty and unworthy of justice – while the aggressors have persistently blamed the victims by seducing and coercing foreign governments while simultaneously controlling the news media for the Western publics consumption.

Leading up to 1948, Israel had four terrorist gangs – the Irgun, the Lehi, the Haganah and the Palmach as well as smaller bands intent on expelling the Arabs from Palestine which led to the massacres and expulsions in 1947-48. While out in front of the expulsions, Zionists were lobbying Western governments to recognize the legitimacy of Israel after those Palestinian lands would be confiscated. With the media having conditioned the U.S. public, it can seem unbelievable that Zionists were capable of terrorism to aid their cause. But they were in fact brutal, and had no limits while terrorizing the British for their own calculated purposes, with the most infamous incident being the bombing of the King David hotel. And not only brutal, they were deceitfully dressed up as Arabs for the King David bombing. In military speak this is a false flag attack, while anyone who’s studied Israel’s history is familiar with the term. Once the Zionist terrorists expelled the Arabs, they banded together and called themselves the Israel Defense Forces or IDF, while their undercover operations became known as the Israeli Mossad. Instead of abandoning terrorism with the achievement of statehood, they sent undercover agents out to commit or recruit Jews for terrorist attacks in neighboring countries. One such event was Operation Susannah, with the end result being the neighboring foreign governments and non-Jewish citizens turned against Jews in those countries – all the merrier to have more Zionists for protecting Israel from Arab revenge for the terroristic acts which gave the original unclean birth to Israel.

In all fairness to Israelis, they are not alone with their Middle Eastern transgressions and have been enabled by other Western entities which also committed violations separate form Israel’s. Where the Mid-East is concerned there has been no honest “free press” in Europe or the U.S. for the better part of a century or longer concerning Zionism. The news from major outlets is censored and typically had an agenda completely contrary to the Western public forming objective opinions based on pertinent and relevant facts. Due to the propaganda wildcats have been out of this particular bag for quite some time. At this point there may be no putting them back with extremists from all sides having multiplied over time and actively looking for opportunities to exploit – while inevitably feeding the cycle of violence. It seems Mr. Maher, you may be just one more victim that’s been unwittingly sucked in by government and media propaganda that gets lapped up and regurgitated by others infected – while some actually revel and rejoice in each other’s ignorance while spreading more of the same – fueling growing intolerance, hatred and violence. My personal opinion is that the Western media, by essentially promoting and aiding in crimes committed, is that the media itself is criminal – and indeed it is by the U.S. definition of aiding and promoting terrorism.

Other egregious Western crimes in the Mid-East include the CIA and British MI6 orchestrated coup that took out democratically elected Mossadegh in 1953 Iran (which was finally admitted but always known), only to install the dictatorial and murderous Shah – all for the bottom line profits of what’s morphed into British Petroleum today – the Iranians rightly blamed the U.S. which led to the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis after 25 years of heinous crimes committed by the Shah. More recently the trumped up invasion of 2003 Iraq as laid out by the neocon pro-Zionist Washington “think tank” PNAC plan, New Strategy for Securing the Realm, has taken 700,000 Iraqi lives directly and indirectly, with millions displaced, along with the significant ruination of Iraq. The same PNAC plan also includes the not yet accomplished takedown of Syria and Iran which are still on the slate for future accomplishment. Support for all of these “ventures” is profit motivated in one way or another – including those who profit by manufacturing weapons and apparently don’t mind the terroristic carnage and real reasons it started. To put 2003 Iraq by itself into perspective on a population basis, imagine 8 million Americans killed resulting from a foreign invasion that pitted say, republicans and democrats against each other – with a multiplied higher number of Americans displaced. Another “strategically” and diabolically sinister plan promoting profits and gain through death and destruction of middle-Eastern peoples’ is the Yinon Plan, calculated and designed to keep violent strife alive and well among the Middle Eastern Arabs themselves. With this information concerning the PNAC and Yinon plans, and the actions taken and supported by the West, it’s easy to see who is promoting terrorism. And please ask yourself, if anyone can get this factual information right off the internet, why haven’t those two plans been discussed in the mainstream news?

The U.S. and Israeli governments have what they describe as a “special relationship” – and very special indeed it is – while in all reality it’s a symbiotic relationship enabling conspiratory criminality. The U.S. funds and protects Israel from UN resolutions concerning blatant human rights and war crime violations. They both share information and influence each other while at times coordinating their actions. The U.S. military invasions and resource grabs in the Mid-East may have been entirely impossible without the aid of a biased U.S. mass media which is roughly 85% pro-Zionist owned – this equates to an automatic bias against Palestinian Arabs evident by the fact that Zionist Israel is still terroristically confiscating Palestinian lands today – with more concern for their own public image than Palestinian rights or lives – while Israel’s image of being justified must be maintained so they can continue with more of the same. All that’s required to see the truth in all of this is to look at Israel’s actions when compared to their words. And the media bias is well documented as highlighting anything that promotes the official U.S. policies and downplaying or completely omitting anything that sheds a negative light on U.S. or Israeli policies – as it was with the invasion of 2003 Iraq for which Israel supplied “intelligence” and pushed for the invasion as contained the PNAC plan – little if any of which made the mainstream news with the push to war.

The same U.S. mass media “news” has intentionally demonized Muslims for decades – it’s the school bully syndrome when cumulatively added together – and we’ve seen it play out domestically in schools and places of work on relatively miniscule bases. The vast majority of Americans are reasonable people and if they had truthful facts, many would have taken a stance against violating the lives and property of Middle Easterners. But U.S. government statements and mass media bias never gave Americans the chance to form objective opinions. And likewise these events are not discussed truthfully in Western European “news” outlets as they’re biased in the same way. Anyone in the U.S. who’s been paying attention knows it’s been historically taboo to discuss anything negative related to Israel. The consequences of speaking out may be fading slightly with the internet, as people have been spreading information among themselves without the mass media censorship and intentionally falsifying facts.

Not only is the news media biased but also the entertainment industry in the U.S. largely contains a pro-Zionist influence and sentiment. It is a bit ironic that in 1978 Vanessa Redgrave received an Academy Award for best supporting actress in her role as an anti-Nazi activist, standing against human rights atrocities as portrayed in the film Julia. The Oscar ceremony was picketed by the Jewish Defense League or JDL, because she had narrated and partially funded a documentary supporting a Palestinian state. To the JDL and many other pro-Zionist organizations, support for Palestinian rights was and still is portrayed by default as anti-Semitism; but in truth, this is twisted logic and an attempt at intimidating people who would speak out. The idea that recognizing that rights for Palestinians is infringement on the rights of Zionist’s, who’ve violated Palestinian rights for decades, is patently absurd. At times the intimidation has taken the form of extreme retribution and the JDL was added to the FBI terrorist list in the year 2000. Did you hear about that in the news? The anti-Semite label has often been used by the American Defamation League or ADL among others for the same purpose of dissuading anyone who would recognize Palestinian rights. It is understood by many inside and outside the film industry that Redgrave’s Oscar speech, referring to “Zionist thugs” in violation of Palestinian rights, limited her opportunities thereafter. And certainly anyone in the entertainment industry is well aware of the reality concerning the consequences for even legitimate criticism regarding Israel or the possibility that someone could, God forbid, make a mistake and say something that could be misconstrued as anti-Semitic bigotry. When is the last time anyone watched a Hollywood movie with an Arab or Persian hero?

There’s a bit of irony in all of this as pro-Zionist forces promote immigration everywhere from anywhere with racial and supposedly religious tolerance in all places except Israel… The Middle Eastern anger was predictable considering actions taken along with the false information and outright lies promoted by Western governments and media alike. Mid-Easterners happen to be predominately Muslim, and it’s a fact people will invoke their religion and God when being attacked or entering into battle out of retaliation – just as the U.S. did when it illegally Invaded 2003 Iraq – and just as Israel does every time it commits another slaughter of Palestinian Arabs and steals more land. Decades of Western transgressions have fueled Islamic extremism – unfair to the vast majority who are reasonable people just like you and me. When the question of who the original terrorists and aggressors is asked – and who has killed more of who – and how much damage is being done in which countries are all asked, there is only one correct and obvious answer pointing to the West. All the destruction since the cycle of violence was initiated, many decades ago, should be obvious to anyone truthfully informed and willing to make an unbiased assessment. But the Western governments and media wants us all to believe the violence started the very last time a Middle Easterner committed some atrocity as revenge against the West or Israeli’s of European descent – they’re flat out lying to us Bill. Admission of some guilt by the West would certainly go a long way, and there’s no valid reason for anyone to continue forward with the original lies and mischaracterizations. But knowing their history and what motivates and influences them, it’s extremely unlikely the irresponsible governments or mass media networks will admit any part of their personal guilt. So we continue with the loathsome cycle of destruction feeding on itself – as hatred wants all of us to hate with more voracity than we had the day and the year before – this we must resist with all we have. And due to government and media manipulations creating contagious negative sentiments over such a long period, a high percentage of Western readers wouldn’t agree with the truth staring them in the face, or they simply won’t like it, and will deny the truth for either reason alone – but that doesn’t change the facts one way or another.

Cooler heads could prevail, and regrettably it must be said again – the media has been much of the problem specifically because it’s not open and factually “free” with the truth in these matters. Our government is not our own with representatives influenced by personal wealth and security having bartered away the public’s best interests to those concerned more with obscene profits and personal wealth than human rights and lives. While the military industrial complex and multi-national corporations make bank taking whatever they want, including life, it all comes at a loss to our worldwide humanity as we all diminish the value of life together in an ever widening sphere of destructive violence. Muslims seek vengeance against our Western “civilization” correctly perceived as the original aggressors denying their rights while committing war crimes against civilians in their backyards. Everyday U.S. citizens, without full comprehension of the truth, blame the wrong people for starting the problem. Please help us Bill, you reach a wide audience, people are dying and the conversation needs to be changed…

Mark Weiser was thrown into this world without any say as to when, or where, and to whom he would be born. He says his story is the same as all others in that respect as we all come from this same earth and began the same way. There is absolute truth in all matters among human kind, even if it’s that truth we’re afraid to acknowledge or don’t yet know. The truth where he's concerned is preferable to anything else; it’s where his search began and where it never ends. Read other articles by Mark, or visit Mark's website.