Wake-up Call!

They say the USA is not racist
Progress has been made!
Martin was assassinated,
So were JFK and Brother Bob
Trying to find another way
Obama elected twice.
Looks like progress,
Smells like gun smoke!
They use to hang black folk
In the dead of night, wearing white hoods, now
Well they just shoot them dead
In your good streets,
By the police,
In broad daylight, and
This is somehow deemed okay?
One citizen choked to death by cops
In front of his neighbors,
Might have been selling cigarettes!
Another teen shot dead, both
Cleared of any wrong doing,
Another youth shot to death
Going home armed with a pop, and
A bag of Skittles…
From my point of reference,
It looks racist to me.
Police brutality is rampant
In the good old USA,
Attacking peaceful protestors
Chomping at the bit to open fire!
Psychopaths in uniforms, pit-bulls,
Waiting their master’s orders
(No offence to real ones)
A reflection of neo-liberalism
Dismantling communities,
Out sourcing jobs, attacking the poor,
For being made poor, arresting the homeless,
In a country with a Christian majority!!
Looks like hell to me!
Time to stop the political diarrhea
And start a critical dialogue!
Put pit-bulls on leashes, it’s the leash you can do!
Military vehicles, drones, surveillance,
Look at what you have become.
We are the 98%, it is over when we say so!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : aroha@shaw.ca. Read other articles by Charles.