The Awakening of Critical Consciousness

I feel something in the air
Like you can before a rain,
It feels like liberation.
All the way from occupy Wall Street and
Ferguson, USA.
They are marching again!
Across this good earth
Resistance on the move
Freedom on their minds
Nothing can stop them; it’s a runaway train,
Transformation has finally come
Writing and singing new songs
Of peace and freedom
This is their Vietnam
Protesting, marching, chanting,
Please don’t shoot!
There’s a movement happening
And it cannot be stopped
Momentum is gaining
I can feel it in the air, and
I like it a lot!
Planet collapse under repair
Cities and countries under siege
By libratory citizens standing their ground
Demanding an egalitarian way
To save our planet, sisters and brothers, from
Egotesticle maniacs in suits and uniforms
Yeah we can feel the airways changing
Hope is on their minds
Chains of conformity dropping to their feet
We’re marching again and it sure feel’s good.
Consciousness, empathy, and remorse,
Are needed for the enlightenment,
Look after the least amongst us.
It can be a win for everyone.
We are the 98%
Time to re-evaluate and check morale compasses,
Imagine a planet of possibilities
Where everyone reaches self-actualization?
It can be done, because we’re marching again!
First, take back democracy and
Resuscitate Mother Earth.
We’re singing and dancing again in the USA.

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.