Read Between the Lions

Not sure when the line was drawn
Those below, you are on your own
Above, protect what you got!
Beefed up police lines,
Sociopaths in Hummers,
Armed to the teeth,
Protect and serve (their masters)
Unarmed citizens killed,
It will get worst before it gets better.
As long as the elite continue to pay no taxes
There will never be enough money for social programs.
Trillions are spent on star wars, invasions, and
Conquering the planet in the name of peace
Securing oil and other resources,
The brutality of the elite, captured on social media,
Revealed their psychopathic corporate mentality,
The people are aware, and marching in the streets,
Protesting, singing, placards, chanting, skittles,
Blacks, Hispanics, allies, and every justice
Loving citizen witnessing Gandhi’s style
Of peaceful resistance, that will go the distance.
This kind of protest ended the Vietnam War.
We can never go back, the momentum
Is on the side of the righteous citizens, looking
For a glimpse of the American dream,
Bring new Rome to its knees.
People are watching the world over
Civil disobedience is needed,
From the police, politicians, time to take a side.
Time to choose what is right,
End poverty and bailout the people!!
Believe in America (Spring) again!
This is a call to every person in America/Canada
To do what you can, where you can,
Make a statement: state murder by the police
And social murder by stealth, must halt!!!
Leave no earthling behind to die in
Poverty, unemployment, and debt…
When the people are marching in the streets
There is hope!! Be idle no more!!!
In the lines arm in arm are Eugene Debs, Joe Hill,
MLK, Bobby, JFK, Dorothy, Bridget, Crazy Horse, Lennon,
Malcolm, and every citizen murdered by the police.
Beef up the lines, babies, old ladies, everyone goes!!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.