Propaganda Hollywood

Airways inundated 24/7
With non-essential topics,
Censored and edited news.
Trivial talk shows
Completely void of the real world
Outside their studio doors:
Poverty, homelessness, invasions,
No medical coverage, unemployment,
Scandal after scandal, politicians sexting their junk
Torture, affairs, lies and
Deceitfulness, police brutality,
Gun toting mental patients accessing
Weapons of mean destruction, and
Killing innocent children…
No critical thought, might
Not sell useless products!
Well healed individuals made to look important
And knowledgeable about living the good life
After all, you can all be like us!
Dr. Phil awaits you all, solving problems
Between commercial breaks,
Oprah gives everyone a new life!
It must be working,
You voted George Bush in twice,
Now, maybe his brother,
Post modern soothsayers
Put a hex on you
More powerful than before, seems to be working.
Bombarded 24/7 with useless propaganda
Turns your brain to mush!
No room for mindfulness, awareness,
Good decision making or critical thinking.
There is only one life to be concerned about,
And that is yours! Your journey…
Shut the sorceress’s evil eye off! And,
Turn your critical eyes on to:
New possibilities, freedom, honesty,
Equality, collectivism, building a better planet,
Peace and love, become active in the streets!!!
Fake people make fake lives!
Be real and taste flavors of an authentic life!!!
Time to sideline republican/teabag trains, and
Their old re-runs of Patriarchs know best!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.