Christmas Fear

You can’t hide from Christmas
A lot happens at this time of the year
It all catches up to a person
Fearing the thoughts of being alone
With yourself
All year running ahead of the train
Now, it catches up, and
Bumps you in the caboose
Everything closes
Everyone has a place, and
Loved ones waiting
The jig is up!
Reality sets in…
Your narcissism won’t help
The smell of burning bridges
Mingles with Arctic air
The façade exposed, for what it is,
A lonely and sad person, at Christmas
Instead of mending fences, you
Were busy bending rules
Thinking they were fools
For letting you go, what a turkey…
You won’t be hungry at Christmas, because
You are so full of yourself, but
You will be lonely and tormented
By your thoughts
Once again, sentenced to boredom
For three days, every year’s end
Waiting for a new year to begin
And once again to pretend
What a wonderful person you are
A legend in your mind
Christmas will track you down again, for
The unloving become the unloved!

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.