Black Friday

Shopaholic’s wet dream come true
Consumer’s rage
Frenzied buyers
Psychopathic purchasers
Binge bargains
Death by shoppers
Heard mentality
Aggressive and
Mean Mugging
Fighting, swearing, wrestling,
Arrests made
Out of control consumerism
Lands folks in prison
Media hype
Mad shopper’s disease
Strategic advertising
Long line ups
Built up tensions
Credit cards in hand:
Battle cry sounded:
“charge, it”
Doors swung open
Crowds pour in
Stampede comes to mind
Psychotic gazes
Determined to get a steal
Cops called, arrests made,
Shopping bags out going
Body bags incoming…
No one cares! Black Friday,
Was the day slavers put slaves
On sale, after Thanksgiving…
See who could get the best buy!
Merchants create these spectacles
To give themselves a laugh.
It appears the brainwashing years
Have paid off, TV has done its job.
Materialism, the new spiritualism,
Lavished malls, their cathedrals…

Charles has been a social activist for 35 years. He can be reached at : Read other articles by Charles.