Yesterday’s Battles, Tomorrow’s Bones

If bones could talk
What words would they speak;
Of all of their lives
What memories seek?

Would they look back
To love’s long day
Of marriage and children,
Full of laughter and play?

Or would they look back
To a life cut short
By their young blood raging
As they marched and fought?

To the blood and the screams,
To the terror felt then;
To the bloody ancient battles
That happened way back when?

Or was it only yesterday
The earth was wet with gore,
And broken bodies lay about,
The wounds all red and raw?

Or will it be tomorrow
When the plain is filled with guns,
And missiles break our precious earth
Into a thousand tiny suns?

If bones could speak,
What would they say?
What would they tell us
Of yesterday?

Lesley Docksey is a lover of animals, campaigns and writes on war/peace, climate change, and the environment. She is the former editor of Abolish War. Read other articles by Lesley.