…And I awoke in the arena of my intrigue
To witness the dark tales of my surreal anticipation…
A lion embracing a bear
And littering reality with the offspring
Of an altogether illicit affair…

I saw the marriage of an old stumbling empire
As she fell in time
To the capricious wiles of an enticing romance…
Whore to whore wed-locked
And vowing allegiance
Till death…

I saw the prophet led to his death in chains
While a bootlegging pharaoh and his sons
Aspired to throne after throne
Dying death after death…but aspiring still
While young lions slept…

I saw the priests of an untenable union
Inwardly and outwardly frocked
In robes that hid them from the uncomfortable truths
Of a time when lions lay down with lambs
Having crushed the capricious existence
Of an abominable union…

…And I pinched myself
To confirm that I was not dreaming…
For all around me the earth shook
As whore ran to whore for shelter…
The rock of their convenience
Having been obliterated
And rising out of the earth like gods…
The prophet’s sons…
With sword and shield…advancing

I have witnessed the weeping and wailing
Of those who mocked and scorned
When righteous men bade them

Roy Alexander Graham is President, CEO of FigTree Enterprises, Inc. He is the author of a number of books including In My Element, Of Scattered Seed And Broken Souls, Of Paradise Despised, and more. Check out his blog for more of his work. Read other articles by Roy A., or visit Roy A.'s website.