Upside Down

When skies are green and seas are red,
And blue the leaves of autumn-shed,
In such a world the seasons go
Upside down from reap to grow.

When birds do swim and fishes fly,
And farmers they do scythe the sky,
From orchards women fill their jars
And farmers reap the fields of stars.

Then farmers watch the sun go down
As they sow the fields with pearl,
And ploughs do carve the oceans wide
While fields in waves do curl.

When old folk they do mewl and cry
As babes do smile, nod and sigh,
From love to hate, and hate to love,
The raven woos the turtle dove.

Lesley Docksey is a lover of animals, campaigns and writes on war/peace, climate change, and the environment. She is the former editor of Abolish War. Read other articles by Lesley.