Rogue Capitalism Running Rabid on the World’s Playground

Oh say can you see by the star spangled machine, with modern weapons in hand it conquers foreign lands. If uninhabited, these lands would be up for the taking. And while the U.S. Declaration of Independence says “all men are created equal” with “inalienable rights”, the U.S. has a history of internal conflicts arising from violating those principles domestically and through foreign policy. Since the event of 9/11 the U.S. government has become the undisputed champion bully unleashed on the world as though it was a children’s playground – while they decide who lives and dies to enhance their personal comfort and greed under the guise of “security” and “defending” our “interests”. It’s actually our own insecurities of one sort or another that compels these internal and external conflicts, but as long as we can diminish the value of life to a meaningless nothing, there is no conflict, and we can do anything to anybody if the American public can be convinced to go along. Our masters have determined it’s futile for either the enemy de jour or the U.S. public to resist – so don’t make any noise – they’ll put you down as a threat capable of terrorizing people with the truth. Or maybe it’s our masters who are terrified by the truth? Pawns will willingly sacrifice themselves when the machine calls to duty, and thanks to our collective society, we’ll vanquish those by the dawn’s early light simply for possessing something we want or need for our rogue capitalism machine.

The USA consisting of “We the People”, The Bill of Rights and Constitutionally Guaranteed this or that no longer exists – we can’t have such trivial matters standing in the way of our overall machine – so we gave all those ideals up with the Patriot Act – and it’s only gotten worse since Obama’s Presidency began. Considering the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which effectively redefines the U.S. from being “We the People” to being “We the Corporations”, you’d think the media would have been all over the Supreme Court and the ludicrous case before the ruling was announced. That ruling guarantees corporate campaign money will literally prepay for “favors” forthcoming from our political office holders. And once their intellects and integrity are corporate owned, those government representatives will sell everyone and everything else on the planet that isn’t theirs to sell – by privatizing everything, everything will serve corporate industry.

The mass media arm of the machine will bombard us day and night from every angle of entertainment and news with disproportionate coverage, mischaracterizations and outright lies. The media controls the conversation at home by deciding what topics are newsworthy, and then framing the parameters of the discussion itself – with the ultimate goal being to manipulate public opinion and keep certain truths from being understood. The press has the ability to fictionalize anything making it appear as something it’s not – all in the name of writing the next script to justify the unjustifiable. But have no fear; if by chance you’re exposed to the truth, you’re already conditioned for a reflexive kneejerk to deny there’s any such thing outside the official Washington D.C. version. With God and military might on our side, America is capable of handling any false reality mass media can help deliver us into.

Because of the way Israel influences our politicians with campaign contributions and powerful lobby groups in D.C., they are essentially the same as corporate industries seeking favors that come at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer. And because Israel has this undue influence, when speaking in terms of reality concerning our war machine and Mid-East policy, it’s absolutely necessary to bring Israel into the conversation. The U.S. mass media has a history of demonizing Middle Easterners in general except for Israel. When it comes to Israel the U.S. media has a well-documented bias downplaying negatives and highlighting positives, making Israel look like something other than what it is. For many Americans, anything we do in the Middle East is fair game, unless we should deny Israel something, or highlight something they or their supporters don’t like, which may then bring the worn-out accusation of anti-Semitism for such a selfish and trivial thing as considering the truth and what’s best for our USA. Some things are so absurd they’re unbelievable at face value. The U.S. first joined with Israel’s departure from reality at the time, if not before, we recognized Israel’s self-declaration of statehood on Palestinian lands nearly seventy years ago. If you know how to lobby the U.S. government, as Israel did back then, we’ll tell you it’s perfectly okay to militarily terrorize three quarters of a million people causing them to flee for their lives, and then we’ll recognize you as being the legitimate owners of their vacated homes and land. And because Israel has mastered working the D.C. lobby circuit, we’ve lavished them with weaponry and cash over decades, while our military acts strictly on their behalf at times being complicit in their war crimes – all at our own expense to the tune of hundreds of billion$ and trillion$ directly and indirectly when all is said and done. The 9/11 attacks became the excuse to put Israel’s ready plan for the Middle East into action, and coincidentally our quest for oil fell right in line with the Zionist plan to remove Saddam Hussein from Iraq with the idea of keeping the indigenous Middle Easterners fighting among themselves also being part of the plan. The invasion of Iraq having been accomplished with false evidence was entirely illegal according to international and U.S law. But the biased press stepped right up, playing a huge role in manipulating the public before the invasion. And although the American public obliged, we went through unbelievable moral and legal contortions before and after the 2003 invasion to accommodate the false narratives.

For those who’ve been shielded from the truth, our own actions in the Middle East and blind support over Israel’s decades of war crimes are the main reasons behind indigenous Mid-Easterners resentment and hatred toward the U.S. But none of that is worth discussing according to the U.S. media or by our government officials toward remedying the situation – which is really a denial and fear of the facts on their part, and simultaneously could be construed as conscious but unacknowledged guilt. We just keep on talking like the Arabs are crazy and never had one legitimate complaint – while we keep invading their countries, destroying lives and cultures as Israel continues taking land while claiming they want peace – and the Arabs are the crazy ones? We’re not hypocrites and the sun doesn’t shine, never mind the fact we’re continuously creating more terrorists as we kill more innocent Mid-Easterners. And having created ISIS exactly that way, along with funding and weapons from us that ultimately ended up in the hands of ISIS, the direction our policies are taking us, if we can’t eventually terrorize them into submission, we’ll just kill them all before it’s over. Though, the pro-Zionist neocons do hope ISIS will fulfill their desire and remove Basher al-Assad from Syria, of which removing al-Assad was always part of the same Zionist plan.

As the U.S. has stated we’re in the war on terrorism for the long haul, and haul it we will, the sweet crude booty back to the US – enough to keep the overall capitalism machine running without a hitch – that is our plan. Corporate America says the world doesn’t need peace and it doesn’t need you, so if you’re American and want to be part of this world, make yourselves useful, suck it up and enlist, go to work and pay your taxes so we can go about our business conquering the world – there’s no room on earth for anyone with concern for another. Volunteers and non-volunteers alike will sacrifice, and our fearless leaders will live in eternal glorious luxury by the grace of the star spangled corporate machine which has a life of its own presently vacant of a human soul. The oil must be kept flowing to keep our economy running, and it’s much easier to milk every last drop from the existing cow. Though we could all be smart and instead of war make clean energy, but the oil barons have a ready remedy for sane policy. So it’s back to the media and the 3% of climate scientists who shill for energy corporations by experimenting with propaganda and denying that any negative effects on the climate result from our overall machine. So never mind the environment – or resources wasted on war that could be diverted to a constructive ends – those things are simply burdens not worthy of mention. Common sense would not serve the oil barons; they might lose their power, and couldn’t make those huge campaign contributions influencing the U.S. government at the world’s expense. Money is power, and compared to all the corporate cash gifted to politicians, the we people have no power at all. Besides all that, we must get people to work and continue non-stop manufacturing weapons for killing and destroying civilizations – we’ll tear them apart, feed off their corpses, and satiate ourselves in an orgy of blood and oil fueled materialism with complete disregard…

None of this is a problem for Americans who stay too busy to know what’s going on – while being rewarded with enough loot to be constantly distracted from where their prosperity and advantages come. Give them a fancy house and a new car with all the latest gadgets, and people will look up to them as the successful, productive and valuable members of our multifaceted machine. And for those making just enough to drive back and forth, or perhaps take the bus to work, they should be happy the corporations un-gratuitously allow them to live at all. And if they don’t want their job, some other deprived and starving soul is ready and willing to take their place in the capitalist machine which ultimately provides us all with whatever it is we consume – including the lies. So by any and all means, let the oil and the blood keep right on flowing – it’s the cold as a stone heart and soul of who “We the Corporations” are – and without the oil various multiple cogs and branches of the current machine will have no reason for being.

Because Americans are all benefiting in some ways with the status quo of killing and plundering whenever and whatever, it should be no mystery why some among us need to be medicated. Medication is now a great tool to adjust the minds of one in six of our soldiers, some of whom have problems derived from our government’s lack of moral and legal integrity. The good news is that it adds up to more profits for corporations as more tax money is spent on drugs to keep the war machine running. And with drug manufacturers calling the shots at the FDA, any profitable drug is a good drug. For those at home who see our hypocrisy we’ll prescribe the same antipsychotic cocktails, the most popular drugs in America, without even understanding how they work, but it will numb the brain, as well as the pain. With help from drugs everybody will be compliant like The Stepford Wives, specifically tailored to mindlessly serve the overall corporate machine. And to be sure, corporate America thanks each and every U.S. citizen for doing their part protecting and serving the overall machine – keeping us all rolling along toward the destiny we so righteously deserve.

Think for just a moment: Where would we all be if not for Wall Street bankers? They keep the financial wheels of the overall machine turning, while those in the corporate gravy trains syphon off the wealth of the nation increasing the value of stocks with oil propelled profits so Wall Street has something to sell. Without the oil secured by our war machine the economy would simply not hold up. So hats off to the bankers while they back our wars and keep tax money flowing to profitable military equipment industries and pharmaceutical giants who sedate conscience and reason – all to keep the greater machine going. It’s all good for Wall Street as we maintain the illusion of liberty, justice, democracy and capitalism while the puppeteers live it up amongst themselves. And with help from our friendly non-representatives the bankers can cyclically rob the U.S. public and the entire world with impunity, selling hot air balloons filled with the deceitful arrogance of bundled mortgages or any other fraud they can blowhard into gargantuan profits. Then to make things right, quantitative easing will fleece the people all over again, propping up the banks and financial markets at tax payer expense. And while this all takes place, not one republican or democrat dares say anything to interrupt campaign contributions made with your tax money stolen by Wall Street bankers and the corporate cabal. What a sham we all have going, run by thieves and killers from the impenetrable fortresses of Wall Street’s rogue capitalism and Washington D.C’s. counterfeit democracy – while they ceremoniously reward each other through an interdependent corruption that knows no bounds. And after taking all they can from America, corporations leave the country with the loot for some other, more tax-friendly heaven.

Orwell never believed it would actually come to this. After his book was published foretelling a coming reality contrary to all truth, he thought people would actually wake up. As it turned out, the megalomaniacal corporate types loved his book and adopted it as their ultimate model for dishonorably advancing themselves in a fantasy world where nothing is real, war is peace, and sanity is insane. So the corporate powers rule through a government and media fog of deceit today. As for all those among us who can’t see that we’re simply the greatest, most noble and justified democratic freedom fighting homicidal capitalistic hypocrites that ever lived – collectively they are the most important and necessarily pliable part of the overall machine.

Mark Weiser was thrown into this world without any say as to when, or where, and to whom he would be born. He says his story is the same as all others in that respect as we all come from this same earth and began the same way. There is absolute truth in all matters among human kind, even if it’s that truth we’re afraid to acknowledge or don’t yet know. The truth where he's concerned is preferable to anything else; it’s where his search began and where it never ends. Read other articles by Mark, or visit Mark's website.