Reflections on a Riot

Tear gas released.
Gun shots fill the air.
A fire starts in the bushes
but it isn’t God speaking this time.

Obama gives a press conference
which is broadcasted live on one side of the screen,
urging the people to remain calm, paying lip service
while giving his usual monotone con job,
while Ferguson goes up in smoke
on the other side of the picture.
Quite a contrast of appearance.
I think it’s a day late and a dollar short at this point.
Rome burned while Nero played the fiddle.

Armored tanks roll in.
Sirens blare.
Lights flash as
rubber bullets are fired into the night.

A group of protestors gather in the street,
hands up,
flags waving.
A standoff-
The tanks move forward.
The crowd moves forward.
A game of high stakes chicken is being played.
Which side will blink first?

I have chills
watching the ugly scene
on an iPad screen.

Where were you
when the shot heard round the world
rang out across the airwaves?
Where were you
when all the race baiting paid off in full
and balkanized division reached a fevered pitch?

A Season’s Greetings sign
made out of red Christmas lights
hangs over the street,
dripping down in thick irony
as fire trucks, cop cars and tanks
are lined up right beneath the happy message.

Welcome to one more example
of the Police State on steroids.
We’ve seen it in New Orleans.
We’ve seen it at Ruby Ridge.
We’ve seen it in Waco.
We’ve seen it in Boston.
We’ve seen it in LA.
Now we see it in Missouri.

Welcome to one more example
of divide-and-conquer tactics.
Whether the black man attacked
the white man, or the white man
attacked the black man,
in the immortal words of Hillary,
“What difference, at this point, does it make?”

Hell, don’t you realize
Monday Night Football is on right now,
live and in color on ESPN.
The Saints are trying to reclaim control
of the worst division in the league,
after the Falcons took a dive
on a last second FG by the Browns yesterday
in a devastating heartbreaker for Atlanta.

Better get your priorities straight, America.
Dancing with the Stars is on ABC
while rioters and looters dance in the streets,
dodging weapons of mass distraction.

A police car goes up in flames.
No one bothers to put it out.
Don’t want to mess up the optics for TV viewers.
It looks absolutely beautiful.
Not in a Molotov cocktail sort of way,
but it just makes sense that the white and blue
vehicle should have a bit of red added to the mix.
I’m a patriot, through and through, who loves my colors.
“O say, can you see?”…and all that jazz.

Where will this energy go next?
The mob mentality is in full effect.
I’m right in the thick of the action as
I sit in my comfy heated house,
knowing full well that this is simply
the opening salvo of a bigger conflict.
Black uniforms have come home to roost.
Fascist bankers love a good Civil War-
it keeps the attention of the masses diverted.
Let the people loot the local businesses while
the puppet masters loot everyone’s savings accounts.
Works like a charm every time.
Rile them up and then set them loose upon each other.

A T-Mobile phone store
gets its front windows smashed
before being completely cleaned out,
ravaged in full by the freedom fighters.
That’ll teach the cops.
Yea, buddy, you bet.
Don’t touch the police station down the road a ways,
that wouldn’t make any sense,
no, no, go get the Aaron’s furniture outlet store next.
And then onward to the Ferguson Market & Liquor Store.
The crowd surges, gathering force.
Looks like they’ll get their booze
for free on this Monday night.
Just a little nip to take the edge off.

Remember NDAA?
The Homeland is classified as a battlefield.
Remember the Patriot Act?
Remember DHS?
Remember TSA?
Remember the National Guard?
Remember Obama campaigning back when he was being
hailed as the second coming of Christ, when he stated,
“We’ve got to have a civilian national security force
that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded
[as the military]”?
Remember the Stasi?
Remember the Third Reich?
Well, welcome to the Fourth.

Remember the midterm elections
a few weeks ago?
Remember how the Republicans had
a historic victory over the Democrats?
Did it change a thing?
Of course not.
The false left/right paradigm is a dead joke.
We have bigger fish to fry.
The heat is about to get turned up.

Buildings go up in flames,
as in, torched and toasted.
Remember how the Justice Department, headed
up by Eric Holder, moved in on this scene
months ago and started stirring the pot?
This is Holder’s swan song before resignation.
One more punch to America’s guts.
He’s thrown some haymakers in his day, for sure,
going back to his time as part of the Clinton Regime.
Remember Oklahoma City?
Remember the concept of False Flags?
I’m not saying…
I’m just saying…

The corporate media has done its damned best
to build this situation up as race vs. race.
I only pray/beg/plead
that the line in the sand
which gets crossed
winds up being freedom vs. tyranny,
Individuals vs. the State, truth vs. wicked lies
and the liars that spew them.

Protests begin in LA.
Protests begin in NY.
Ladies and Gentlemen,
and creatures of all stripes and colors,
the shit has officially hit the fan.

A random man standing
behind the reporter screams,
“Fuck CNN!”
I must concur.

What do you get
when you melt down an economy to a slow boil,
and then add an out of control Empire
and a race-baiting media
and a militarized police force
and apathetic masses
and a burning city?
Who profits from such a state of affairs?
Those who get to ride in on white horses
and pose as saviors, restoring Law and Order.
Problem, Reaction, Solution.
Order out of Chaos.
Check yo dolla dolla bills ya’ll.
The story is written out in symbolism.
A magical talisman for the Federal Reserve system.
Remember Jekyll Island?
Remember the World Bank?
Remember the IMF?
Remember the Mark of the Beast?
Remember John’s Revelation?
Because the New World Order really loves us…

The scene in Ferguson
reminds me of what I watched
in Baghdad eleven and a half years ago.
Karma can certainly be a bitch sometimes.

My attention was diverted
for the past half hour.
As I was watching the madness on the screen,
I turned my head to the right, and, to my surprise,
saw a cottonmouth snake
slither its way across the living room
a few feet away from my chair.
It settled into a dollhouse on the floor,
coiling up underneath a plastic toy couch.
I carefully coaxed it out,
trapped it in a bucket,
and then dumped it over the fence in the backyard.
That type of thing isn’t supposed to happen
in the suburbs, and yet it just did.
I don’t know what it means
in relation to the city that is on fire in Ferguson,
but it sure freaked me the fuck out.

Scott Thomas Outlar is a lover of truth and enjoys researching philosophy, psychology, politics, spirituality, and any other facet of consciousness in the pursuit of reaching a higher state of vibration. He also enjoys writing rants, poems, essays, short stories, and prose-fusion screeds covering such subjects. Scott Thomas can be reached at You can also watch and/or subscribe to his YouTube Channel Read other articles by Scott Thomas, or visit Scott Thomas's website.