Leaving da Camera On: Word

Word: writers reading from their work to the accompaniment of imagery to set the mood.

Or perhaps it’s something else entirely. Why these images, for ‘audio A’ and those other images for ‘audio B?’ The image sequences don’t seem to be ‘literal’ interpretations of the spoken text.

But, as Yogi Berra said, “It ain’t over till be be finale of seem; then we can all go out for ice-cream, my treat…’

That is, it ain’t like this stuff is set to ‘program music.’

Unless, possibly, it is, or something along those lines. Perhaps the images are hieroglphs, a new ‘lingo’ to emerge from the Super-Monster-Catalog of Clip Art that is the ‘World Wide Web’ (so long as you don’t get sued) based not on the consciously comprehended ‘meaning’ of the ‘writing’ itself, as such, but unconsciously evoked by the sounds and ‘meanings’ (multifarious and always subject to interpretation) of the individual words themselves. Now that would be interesting. Real Gertrude Stein/Wittgenstein stuff. Maybe.

So. For this first querck pulled from the Word dec, Eric Larsen reads from his recently published novel, The Decline and Fall of the American Nation

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