Leaving da Camera On: Tai Chi, Thai Stick: Hash and Cheese to Go

Tai Chi, Thai Stick: Hash and Cheese to Go (hold the Mule)


Roger Golden began studying Tai Chi and other martial arts forms after graduating from high school in the mid-1960s. A classic ‘clown,’ in the folk-lore sense of the cunning trickster who gets over on Power, as opposed to collaborating with, endorsing and representing it, he laughed his way from low-level street deals of the then ‘new thing,’ marijanna, to become one of the major ‘importer-exporters’ of this particular herb, in the United States (after the CIA, of course) until his incarceration for ten years in the early 1990s. With ‘Tai Chi, Thai Stick,’ the various lives of Roger Golden will be presented to you via the Leaving da Camera On full-spectrum multi-media assault (within the technical and bugetary limitations of DVC) or rather, counter-assault…

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