Leaving Da Camera On: Max Seems a Roach from da Cold: Diary of a Drabman

Where do They (you know: Them) get such chutzpah? You can’t buy that kind of chutzpah. Not even Amazon sells that kind of chutzpah…


“So simple, even an American can do it…” (a running joke throughout)

And coming soon:

The Droned Stranger and his Double-agent Injun’ companion, Running Joke

an fer da inllectshulls:

The Coffin Factory, a Modern Urban Drama, based on the novel, by Dostoevsky, as adapted for the stage by Samuel Beckett and Lenny Bruce (later adapted for the screen by Richard Pryor and directed by David Lynch).


Yeah, it’s the Two Minute Warning, but Maybe we’re not the losing team. I mean, every person alive on earth today is gonna die sooner or later anyway. Why not relish our participation in the destruction of a bad idea…?


Nature makes mistakes, all the time, in fact. Species have been going extinct since Life emerged on earth. Just…not all at the same time though…and not by their own hand (fin, tentacle, whatever…).


Parable of The Blessed

“You’ve stoned yourself silly.”

“Have I?”


“Have I become genuinely silly?”


Parable of the Lawyer

“I’m telling you, Liberty, as your attorney of record, I believe that this time, this time I’ve come up with a strategy to liberate you, at long last, from the State of Fear and Panic. The genius of this defense is it’s simplicity. It’s so simple, even an American can understand it. I’m going to go before that parole board, look ’em all square in the eye and tell them, you’re not guilty. Simple as that. Really, they had no right to condemn you to this place from the get-go. Were there any witnesses, besides yourself and mom and/or dad, that time you allegedly committed the sinister deed, age three, four, maybe five, certainly not older than six, which caused mom to scream, dad to faint, and send you spiraling down to this lunatic State of Fear and Panic? I mean, goddamn it, you’re abject. Is this fair? Is this just? That you, Lady Liberty, light unto the world, should be abject? Of course not. The basic premise of your guilt is absurd, yet another Ridiculous Notion that somehow fooled even the wise tribunals of our beloved, distant land.

“See what I mean? Easy as pie. You’re gonna ‘walk,’ this time. Guaranteed.”

                                                                           Also Sprach Me! November 2014

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