Leaving da Camera On: Introduction and Contents

Listed below are the ten quercks slated for this first dec of  Leaving da Camera On.   As-yet to be completed and uploaded quercks will be listed under ‘TBA’ until further notice (i.e. they’re completed — a relative term — and  uploaded):

1. Cassandra sed Phoenix: Odysseus in Vietnam

2. Tai Chi, Thai Stick: Roger Golden’s Viet Con

3. People Who Know Stuff (real interviews with real people who know stuff): Eric Larsen on Existence and Subversion

4. Word: Eric Larsen reads from Decline and Fall of the American Nation (to accompanying ‘mood graphics’)

5. Comix: La-La Land and Raghead

6. Manual Labor

7. Spaiouk, Memory

8. Shrink Rap

9. Max Seems a Roach of Fools-Gold



Leaving da Camera On

Leaving da Camera On will be running for ten decs in this life, when you asleep and when, or if, you’re ever actually awake (don’t worry, special-needs services have been provided for the ‘differently-abled’ and ‘developmentally-challenged’ Boobus Amerianus (Summun Ignoramus). Ten quercks for every dec, though any number of ‘digital’ or digitized media might be present in any given querck. One might have three ‘multi-media events,’ for instance, another might have as many as one, perhaps conveyed by old, out-dated technology: words on a page. Not even. Screen. Panel. Whatever (yeah, yeah, why not just say ten ‘channels with ten programs and as many streams as there are sponsors?’ Well, cause. we’re so bored with that amalgam of old Unix hack-speak and new (world order) Madison avenue, all that hip, cool ‘net-jargon’ and ‘text short-hand — an oxymoron? — and ‘social (experiment) networking’ lingo. One patois is as good as another…

As for production values. We had some excellent audio/video editing people and recording guys lined up, but these folks were unreasonable: they asked for money. So we had to roll up our sleeves (why? it’s not like anyone uses real ink any-more…) and study the best free software audio/video editors available for GNU/Linux operating systems — there are hundreds for text, sound, both video and still-photography, music, speech synthesizers, etc. many intended to be free-ware duplicates of the MacWindows ‘originals’ in look, feel and ease of use, and equal or surpass them in quality; also, with copy-lefted stuff, you can always just write or rewrite any program, library, or application to suit your needs.

Which brings us to a very relevant point. The Gnu/Linux and Free Software Foundation  people (we mean the real guys, the ‘amateur’  programmers, artists, writers, engineers —  many of whom do not get paid for their ‘real work’ (“I’m a programmer, really. Acting in major motion pictures is just my day job”) — not the ‘Official Value-added Linux Distributors’ who package and dispense the product to supplement their substantial offerings of NSA-quality and price-tag corporate ‘offerings’) are totally responsible for Leaving da Camera On — though we’ll accept the blame; happy to take a bullet for GNU/FSF any time. The crude — but vehemently sincere — multi-media shtick we’ll be offering you — Hey all you people out there on Internet Land! Hi Mom! — would have cost thousands of dollars — per machine — had we been forced to knuckle under to MacWindows shake-down-ware. Which is and would have been impossible — in every sense of the term. And way beyond our humble dissents’ budget. A lot or GNU/Linux ‘day-to-day-routine’ processes are deliberately blocked, as anyone who’s been duped by the iPadphonepoddronelauncher PR hustle and ‘copyright law’ strong-arming via their congressional attorneys has experienced; which is why all of Free Media Offerings (FMCs) within these quercks and decs are ‘conceptually correct,’ the ‘production values’ would have been considered cheap and cheesy by Ed Wood.

Ergo, we strongly support the GNU Public License, in spirit, at least (we haven’t actually read the license as it exists in formal alpha-numeric drag...but we’ll get right on it, really) that is, the Main Law is that there is no law. Except decency, respect, and commonality of purpose, and even those are only ‘enforceable’ by boycott, ostracism and public condemnation. Naughty, naughty. (We’re sure Bill Gates is quaking in his Gucci boots…)

If anyone doesn’t like a particular text/video/graphic/audio FMC please feel free to change it, improve it, or write/record/distribute something different altogether in answer to failures of said FMC. So long as you give proper attribution for every and all versions. And make sure all versions within your purvey be freely available at all times for pubic downed and scrutiny.

Well. That’ll be all, you can all go about your business now. Go on. Beat it. Scram. Oh. Okay, something a bit more authoritative might be in order. How about: We have spoken….



i.e. ‘Us:’ The Editors, Producers and other Kahunas (Kahunae?) at Dissident Voice Communications (DVC)


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